Sunday, February 14, 2010

Curtain Call Show Stopper Award

 I was so excited today when I was scrolling through my blog roll and found that Stacey over at Stacey's Stamping Stage selected my card here to be one of her Act16 Curtain Call Colour Challenge Card winners from last week!!  No way!!  What a wonderful honour - thank you Stacey!!!  Can't wait to play in this week's colour challenge :D

Hope to be back later today with Karen Giron's sketch challenge card, but  I'm having such a hard time doing anything other than watch the Olympics!!!  Hi, my name is Marisa, and I'm and Olympic-aholic......LOL!  I have competed in so sports for years and have skied for over 30 so I just get a buzz when I watch the athletes pushing themselves to the limits and putting all their training to the ultimate test.  Many things are going to be severely neglected over the next two weeks - maybe even card making GASP!! I'll try my best to squeeze everything in this week, but just giving you a heads up just in case LOL!

Canada won their first medal yesterday!!  Go Canada Go!!!  Jenn Heil won the Silver in the women's mogul competition. We were really hoping for a Gold medal as Canada has never won gold in any year we have hosted the Winter Olympics.  However, Hannah Keamey had the run of her life and definitely deserved to win the Gold.   You couldn't have asked for a better competition between the two and the close final score proved it.

It is beyond fun watching these Olympic games because of our hosting the games.  I know where they are skiing, bobsledding etc. because I have actually skied those runs or been where the venues are.  The city is totally energized and they can't bring in enough of the Olympic mittens!  They thought they would sell about 1 million of them, but they have now sold over 2 million and are well on their way to 3 million!  Think it is because they are only $10 so very affordable also very useful.  Kids are wearing them all over the place :D

Can't wait to take the family down town to see the actual Olympic Flame and join in some of the excitement in the city.

Here are a few pictures from the Opening  Ceremonies (not taken by me - I wish!!). The first one is the Olympic Cauldron they lit inside BC Place where one of the arms didn't come up - ugh!  The next one is the Spirit Bear in the Opening Ceremonies, and the last one is the Olympic Cauldron in its permanent outdoor location in downtown Vancouver.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Have a great day and may your country do well in whatever events they are in! 



Maureen said...

congrats on the win...I need to go over to the blog and see which one it was!! I just bought a pair of mittens for myself!! A nice souvenir. The way they form a heart in your pic is what I photocopied for my kids to cut out...then on the back we sponge painted it red, added a white maple leaf, drew in the rings and wrote Vancouver 2010...then we put our "hearts" up on display outside our classroom with "I "heart" the Olympics." I'm a curling fanatic and can't wait till the first game on Tuesday :)

Wanda Cullen said...

Oh, I really enjoyed your pics of the opening ceremony! I had to work and missed it hoping YouTube will have some postings I can check out. Would you believe I've never been skiing in my life (and I'm too old to start now - lol!)? Congrats on your Curtain Call make such beautiful cards!

Kathy Jones said...

WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Congratulations on being a Show Stopper!!!! I am so stoked for you Marisa!!! :)

I just knew you'd be glued to the Olympics!! I've even been watching some of it here (well replays because I'm asleep when it's live ;) ). Your pics are fantastic!

Stacy Morgan said...

Whohooo on the curtain call. And those are great pictures. We watched some of the opening on TV. We aren't there either. hee hee

Silke Ledlow said...

Congrats Marisa on the CC Award!!! Your card was are so deserving of it!!!

We love watching the Olympics too...and Canada does a fabulous job hosting!!! It must be so exciting for you guys to have it in your own home town!!!

Have fun and enjoy this fun time!!! Hugs ~S~

Linda Callahan said...

So cool that you are so close to the Olynpics! My husband is a ski coach and was just beside himself when the games were in Lake Placid - only 2 hours away from us! He went to the games but I didn't - did I mention my husband is also part polar bear? Enjoy it all!

Dawn B. said...

Congratulations.. I am so happy for you and you are so deserving...Way to go.....