Saturday, June 29, 2013

Google Reader Becoming Extinct July 1st

Just a reminder that Google Reader will be defunct as of July 1st, so if you have signed up to follow me via Google Reader, you will have to resort to a different feed.

Feedly or Bloglovin are great alternatives which allow you to transfer all your existing Reader accounts with the click of a button or two.  I have done it with both options and my Reader list transferred like a charm.  Getting used to the new format is always a challenge, but I have found each of them rather easy to navigate.  Bloglovin' is pretty straight forward, and Feedly has a few more bells and whistles so it takes a bit more to figure out and get comfortable with, but well worth the hassle.

Most importantly, you have to transfer your Reader list BEFORE July 1st, otherwise that option no longer exists and you will have to manually add every blog you wish to follow!!!

Alternately, you can follow me on my my dedicated Facebook page Rosemary Reflections.

This paid announcement is now over wink, wink :) 


Unknown said...

Already following you on Bloglovin. you're not getting away from me THAT easily! LOL xxx

Anonymous said...

Gotcha, honey! Thanks for the heads-up!