Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The End of an Era

Grad 2106 O photo Grad16.jpg

Having a mommy moment today.....this weekend my daughter had her Grade 12 prom night and with it came the closing of an era and the beginning of a new one.  Seems like just yesterday I was registering her for pre-school and now she is a beautiful, intelligent and gifted young woman who will be stepping into the next phase of her life as she heads off to university.

She has grown, matured and gained much wisdom as she navigated those not-so-easy high school years, and those experiences have built in her a depth of character and convictions that will carry her a long way in life.  I am extremely grateful for some amazing teachers who have left their fingerprints on her heart and given her the confidence she didn't always have in herself.  We have been blessed with their being a part of the village raising her :)

Watching her spread her wings and begin to soar is beautiful to watch, albeit difficult at the same time!  My mama heart yearns to keep her close and yet also knows my most important job is to ensure the strings are let out more and more and ultimately cut so I can sit back and watch her become all God created her to be and do for His glory.  SO blessed to be her mom!!    Love you with all my heart sweetheart!!

Unfortunately dad and baby brother had to be at a soccer tournament this weekend so we missed out on family photos this night.  So, to make up for it, we are all going to get dressed up and go out for a wonderful dinner to celebrate :)  Can't wait to see her in her dress again - these pictures do NOT do it justice!!  She got it in Paris last year when she went on a two week school trip to Europe and they hit the summer sales just right!  She got this gorgeous designer dress, cut on the bias and inlaid with lace for 75% off the original price!  It is a classic and I wish I had been there as I would have gotten one in my size for myself I love it that much!!

Two Russian/Slavic girls with high cheekbones :)

Grad 2106 M photo Grad14.jpg 

Dress envy - she absolutely loved her friends pink dress.

Grad 2106 I photo Grad10.jpg 

With her best friend.
Grad 2106 D photo Grad5.jpg 

Two buddies since elementary school.

Grad 2106 C photo Grad4.jpg 

A fellow Manchester City fan - they often wore their jerseys on the same day and always stuck together in supporting their team during the Premier League play offs.

Grad 2106 Q photo Grad18.jpg

SO blessed to have you as our daughter!!  Love you sweetheart!!

 Grad 2106 B photo Grad3.jpg 

Beautiful, inside and out...!

Thanks for indulging me :) 


Lynn said...

Oh so beautiful. Such wonderful, wonderful times! xx

Bajalizzy said...

beautiful daughter, love all their dresses - shudder to think about my 80's dress I wore for my prom

LeAnne said...

Stunning! You two look like you could be sisters! Blessings to your daughter as she closes one chapter in her life and begins another!

JoAnn said...

I agree, her dress is gorgeous, and so is she. Lovely photos of a special time. Thanks for sharing.

Kim S said...

She is stunning and clearly from how you describe her, she is beautiful on the inside too.

Kathy Jones said...

What beautiful photos Marisa!! I can imagine the mixed emotions and how proud you must be! Congratulations and best wishes to your daughter as she begins the next stage of her life!

Darlene Gabriel said...

Congratulations to your daughter. She is beautiful and so is her dress. I love the picture of you and her together. Many blessings for her future.