Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kreativ Award

Maureen over at Buttons and Bling gave me the Kreativ Blogger award. That means I have something to post this week as I have had no time to stamp!! I'm counting sleeps until school starts (just 10 to go until their first full day) as I am very low on "mommy time" and stamping time after a wonderful summer with my kids! Sorry to any teachers out there (Maureen) as your job begins even before my ten sleeps are over with classrooms that need to be set up, then you get a brand new batch of kids you need to "train" as to how you run your classroom, a fresh batch of parents to deal with etc., etc.

As part of this award I need to state 7 things that people may find interesting about me. They are as follows:

1. I have lived in 4 countries - Costa Rica, USA, Canada, The Netherlands.

2. I worked with Billy Graham for a summer during the Vancouver, BC Crusade and for a year in Amsterdam where we prepared for and then hosted a two week conference for itinerant evangelists from all over the world to attend. There were approx. 10,000 participants who attended and we had to set up everything from booking accommodations, transportation, meals, flights, and a whole lot more! It was an amazing year to say the least!

3. I have never permed, coloured or highlighted my hair (it's naturally curly).

4. I was born in Costa Rica.

5. I was not naturally blessed with many creative genes so my "one creative gene" had to go into major training when I started making cards LOL! I love SCS and various blogs I follow as they have stretched my one creative gene to the limits and helped me improve my card making abilities over the past few years.

6. I am extremely competitive! Had to give up most of the sports I did when after my kids were born so I now compete against DP and layouts :)

7. On my 21st birthday while at university, I had 21 different guys throughout the course of the day each give me a rose and sing me happy birthday. It started at 7:00 a.m. and ended at 10:30 p.m. with a bedtime story. One guy showed up in a scuba outfit, another in a tux and played happy birthday on his violin, two arrived at the dining hall and the WHOLE dining hall on campus sang me Happy Birthday once they caught on to what was happening (over 500 people!), three guys with roses delivered them to me in the middle of my Sociology class in a lecture hall of about 450 students -- the Prof. even incorporated the interruption into his lecture as an example of what he was talking about

I don't know 7 other bloggers I can tag so I'll stop at this point for now. Thanks for tagging me, Maureen.

I hope to have some stamping time tomorrow so I should be able to post some things this week for you. Thanks for stopping buy!

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Maureen said...

Oh, I love #7!! did you know them? Who organized this? Was one your future husband? the only thing I can think of that was neat in university was that the 2 guys I was casually dating (just starting dating them, then went with son's dad) put a Valentine's message in the UBC newspaper and each gave me flowers. It was nice and quiet at work today and I got the furniture and bulletin boards set up...wasn't too bad. The worst part will be all the talking in the first's a killer on my vocal chords!! Can't wait to see your cards...I hope you use your new stamps!!