Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Stylin'

I was wonderfully blessed to receive this award from Carrie this week.  Check out her blog, The Artistic Avenger!  You'll be blown away as she does some amazing work and is often one of Nancy Riley's iPicks.  In addition, my wonderful blogging buddy and fellow Punchkateer, Colleen, over at Dietrich Designs,  just gave me this award yesterday!   A huge thanks to both of you :)  Since I got it twice, I'll share 16 things instead of eight.

First the details of the award.  Upon receipt of the award you need to :

1.  Thank and link back to the person/people who gave you the award (done and thanks again, Carrie and
2.  Share 8 things about yourself (I'll do sixteen as I got the award twice)
3.  Pass it on to 8 bloggers
4.  Contact the 8 bloggers and let them know you have given them the award.

So here we go.  Sixteen things about myself which I hopefully haven't mentioned before.

1.   I am not a trendy girl.  Don't jump into fashion trends and am slow to pick up on stamping trends too.

2.   I qualified for the British Columbia Track and Field championships in the discuss and javelin in 12th
      grade and placed fourth in discuss and eight in javelin.

3.   It will be my 15th wedding anniversary on Canada Day (July 1st)  Great way for hubby to never forget
      the date (ended up being July 1st because I couldn't book both the church and reception location on June

4.   I teach the Grade 5/6 Sunday School class at our church.

5.   Since I don't have an opportunity to compete in sports any more, I have taken to competing against
      paper and love it when I master a colour combo or a sketch!  

6.   I love working out, always have.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to ensure my work out time
      doesn't get bumped by family, life or anything else.

7.   I hate mingling events as I'm not into small chit chat (cocktail parties just about kill me LOL!).  Would
      much rather sit and talk with a few people and get to know them at a deeper level. 

8.   I love to learn new things - be it information, how to do something, how something works etc. 

9.   Don't like people who play games.

10. One of my favorite memories of my ball playing days was hitting home runs over male center fielders
      heads - oh yes (insert evil grin)

11. I love to make puzzles but only indulge in it over Christmas (we made three 1000 piece puzzles and two
      500 piece puzzles over Christmas)

12. I hate to cook and am not good at it either (thankfully my hubby is!)

13. Love to eat vegetables.

14. I am an extremely practical person.

15. I am a straight shooter and wish I could be more diplomatic at times.   

16. I have been told more than once I should have been a boy.  These comments have come at times when I
      have been excessively competitive in sports or very direct in my communication style -- especially when I
      am defending or standing up for something or someone I care deeply about, when someone is playing
      games and I call them out on the table, or when I'm cheering (aka yelling) on the sidelines of my son's
      soccer games.

      The flip side of my personality is that I am a very helpful and encouraging person.  Love to build people
      up and help them succeed and/or accomplish things they never thought they could do or be.  In addition,
      once I'm your friend I will go to the ends of the earth for you (you just have to endure the odd "shoot-
      from-the-hip" comment now and then LOL!). 

The eight people I'm passing this award on to are as follows:

1.  Maureen - Buttons and Bling 
2.  Christine - Christine Creations
3.  Brenda - Benzi Stamps
4.  Emily - My Little Slice of Bliss
5.  Dawn - My Stamping Thyme
6.  Christina - Sea Glass and Sentiments
7.  Stacy - Twinshappy
8.  Andrea - Ewen Style

Have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow with a post.


Sue said...

I loved reading your responses, I am with you on mingling events give me a small group ANY time!! :)

Christina said...

So much fun learning a bit more about you, Marisa! I see a bit of myself in a lot of your comments. Thanks for sharing this award with me!

TannyP said...

Oh how I love reading these and getting to know you just a little more! I'm soooo with you on some of these, I had to laugh =)

Check you out, super athlete! I hope you're successful in your resolutions. There's such great satisfaction after a workout! Speaking of which, better get my gear on and shovel for round 3. Be warm, Marisa!

Maureen said...

aw, thanks, Marisa...first for sharing more about yourself and second for the award...I do so hope we can meet sometime soon :) I am seriously thinking of taking 2 days off work for Jake's grad in June just so I can fit in all the visiting I want to do!! Hugs :)

Betty Wright said...

WOW! Interesting read about you, Marisa! I had no idea you were so competitive. Love comment #5. Totally agree with #7. Wish I felt the same about #6. Congrats on the award and thanks so much for sharing!

Dawn B. said...

Thank you so much Marisa.. It was really fun to read about you and what makes you who you are. I would have never guessed some of these. Thanks also for passing the award on to these lovely stampers.. I feel honored.. Hugs.

Wanda Cullen said...

It was great to get to know you even better...I really wish I could say #6 for myself, but sadly it's something I've never enjoyed.

Vickie Z said...

Okay... Wanda gave me this and I haven't gotten it done yet!! Doing some late Xmas. Wonderful to hear about you. Whoa... you ARE competitive but, knocking the ball over the "boys" heads... yes, I could see myself wanting to do that {not sure I could though!!}

Emily Keaton said...

How fun to read more about you, Marisa!! (I'm not fond of chit-chat situations, either. They make me so anxious! I'd rather sit and talk one-on-one, too.) Thanks so much with honoring me with this award, too!!! You are so sweet. :)

Stacy Morgan said...

Thanks for the award Marisa, I am so bad with these. Thank you though.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Marisa, it was wonderful to read more about you. You and I have things in common! I hate to cook and am grateful that my hubby is GREAT at it, and doesn't mind. I am also good with a one-on-one in a social setting; groups put me off. I wish I were more into sports/moving with exercise. Good for you with your new year's resolution.

Hugs to you!!

Benzi said...

Thanks for the award, Marisa. I have it so I'm adding your name as a gifter.
I agree with you, I don't care for the chit chat, especially if you will never see the person again.

A hubby that cooks sounds like heaven.

I love puzzles (jigsaw and crossword). When hubby and I travel, I always carry a pile of crosswords. Card making has taken over my jigsaw hoo. Just not enough time in a day, is there?

Glad to read you are into sporty things. I once loved to play basketball. My brother was great at it and my nephew played basketball at Marshall University on a scholarship. He is 6'10".

Why am I giving you facts about me? LOL This is about you.

Loved reading these facts about you, Marisa.

Nance Leedy said...

Love hearing more about you Marisa--almost like being able to sit with you over a cuppa! I have to agree with Christina...I see myself in alot of your comments too. Not a chit-chatter or a gameplayer can't say I've ever set foot in the track, though! lol. How cool are you for being the track & field star? No wonder you're "Whiterock Mama"!
{{big hugs}}