Friday, December 6, 2013

December Diva Dare

This month's Dare is entitled "Playing Favorites" and the Divas are daring you to to re-post your favorite Verve card made in 2013 OR make a new card with your favorite Verve set.

In addition, each day, the host Diva will be answering the "Diva Fab Five Questionnaire".  A great way to get to know the Divas a bit better :)

Of course, where there is a Verve Diva Dare, there are prizes, and this month's Dare provides two prizes: one for a randomly selected participant and one for a randomly selected commenter!

Want to find out which part of the Dare I took as well as getting a bit of info on yours truly and all the challenge details, then head on over to the Verve Blog - I dare you!


1 comment:

Vickie Z said...

Eeks... sounds easy or at least perfect since I'm doing all my Christmas shopping in the next few weeks!!