Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Nicole over at Canadian Nickel Scrapin' gave me this lovely award.  She has been blowing me away with all the little critters she has been creating with her Cricut lately.  Check out her blog - you won't be disappointed!

Part of the award is to mentioned ten things that make you happy so here goes.

1.  The fact this insanely crazy, busy week is finally over LOL!

2.  The "smell" of Spring and all the flowers that bring colour back into the world after Winter. 

3.  Being a mom and having two kids I love to bits as well as an amazing hubby :D

4.  Going to a good brunch.  Breakfast is my favorite meal and I could eat it three times a day :D

5.  Seeing my kids and friends succeed at whatever they are trying to accomplish.

6.  Being able to challenge myself - be it in sports, using a sketch / colour / inspiration challenge or anything else :D

7.  Reading in bed.

8.   Sleeping in - a true rarity since becoming a mom LOL!

9.  Simply enjoying the beauty of nature all around me.

10. When our cat sits in my lap, purrs for a while, and then falls asleep.

I'm passing this award on to some fellow Canadian bloggers who make my day with their support and encouraging comments:

1.  Laurel-Lee - to celebrate her first Verve win!
2.  Maureen - her delightful comments make me smile daily :D
3. Tannis - in celebration of her birthday - Happy Birthday Tannis!! 
4.  Trish - for taking the time to regularly comment on my blog.

Enjoy ladies :D  You guys are great!


Maureen said...

aw, thanks Marisa!!! Glad to hear you had a fun carnival :) doesn't surprise me that your principal did that with the t.v....probably wanted to make sure the dads came out :) I casually follow hockey, but am not crazy about it like my curling. I have Chicago in the hockey pool at work :) Have a relaxing Sunday :)

Laural-Lee said...

Awe thanks Marisa! You are too lovely :) And you've awarded 2 of my favourite Candian Crafters. I'll have to head over to Trish's blog.