Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hawaii Part 2

On to part two of our trip to Hawaii.

Here we are posing at the base of Diamond Head after we hiked to the top.  It was a good thing we went early in the morning as it was getting pretty hot by the time we got to the bottom.

 photo Hawaii54.jpg

Here is a photo of the trail up the mountain. Not the nicest scenery as it was really dry.  

 photo Hawaii3.jpg

But the hike was worth the view from the top! The beach you see in the photo in front of the tall buildings is Waikiki Beach.

  photo Hawaii6.jpg

Had to include this photo as I grew up in the tropics with tons of bougainvillea bushes around so this brought back many memories - along with many of the other flowers and greenery we saw. 

 photo Hawaii53.jpg

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and it was amazing!!! Worth. Every. Penny. Unfortunately my daughter got heat stroke the day before so we couldn't do the night time luau, but if we ever make it back to Oahu, it will be the first things we do! They have six main "acts" for the various Polynesian Islands (as well as crafts you could do but we ran out of time to do) and 80% of the actors and people working there are from the BYU University right next door.  This "actor" was my favorite as he was hilarious and quite the brat! He showed us how to weave a bowl from a palm frond. By the way, the body art is spray on - I asked LOL! 

 photo Hawaii58.jpg

Posing with the "mock wedding" actors
 photo Hawaii62.jpg 

This guy actually climbed up the coconut tree and it was a loooong way up!

 photo Hawaii10.jpg

Me and my native Fijian buddies :)

 photo Hawaii12.jpg

Here is my lover of life again. Always having fun and making me laugh. 

 photo Hawaii17.jpg 

They had a great boat parade, with each Island having their own boat and dancers.  All sorts of dancing and movement on those boats.  This is just one of the six, but I loved how the skirts were swaying from their amazing, hip swaying action.

 photo Hawaii23.jpg 

Back tomorrow with the final Hawaii post.


Lynn said...

Those views are incredible Marisa!

Kim S said...

Such an amazing and beautiful trip - thank you for sharing!

cm said...

Sighhh...gorgeous photos, fabulous trip, phenomenal family time, memories to treasure! Thank you for sharing with wonderful! Hugs~c

Vickie Z said...

Ahhhh....looks like a fabulous trip! When I went to Hawaii...I was 16 , we did stay at a hotel on Wakikii(sp?) beach and my sis and I thought we were hot stuff! Went to the Polynesian cultural Center...loved it! You grew up in the tropics?

Tracey McNeely said...

More fantastic photos today Marisa, thank you so much for sharing!

nwilliams6 said...

So jealous! Looks so pretty and you made so many friends! Those hula skirts are moving quick - great pictures!!! Hugz!

Linda Callahan said...

What a fabulous trip! Love the photos.....such a beautiful state!

Wanda Cullen said...

Love all your photos...what a great sounding trip!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Siiiiiiigh. =)