Friday, May 30, 2014

Hawaii Part 3

Today's post is just family photos - mostly of us having fun with the underwater camera in the pool, so if that is boring to you, just pass on by :)

This photo is of hubby playing King Kahmehameha and wearing the lei my daughter made at one of the hotel activities.  Told him he was a few shades too pale for the part LOL!  He had the kids in stitches when he did this pose.  I am very blessed as he is such a wonderful dad and husband :)

 photo Hawaii65.jpg 

The  hotel had three pools you could use - a family one with a net to play water volleyball as well as a basketball hoop, a "serenity pool" that was for adults only (where I snuck away to read on my Kindle), and a pool with a waterslide and many waterfalls and tunnels to enjoy.  Not to mention the amazing beach lagoon for some ocean swimming.  Totally. Amazing. Resort! Here they are in the waterfall tunnel.

 photo Hawaii66.jpg

A kind gentleman took a family shot of us in the waterfall pool - the selfies were touch to get everyone in on.  Did forget to tell hubby to remove his "old swim glasses" (he doesn't wear his good ones in the pool). Any guesses which decade these were from LOL!

 photo Hawaii69.jpg

Love this picture of my daughter.  She had so much fun in this pool and it shows :)

 photo Hawaii70.jpg

My happy boy.

 photo Hawaii67.jpg

Must teach hubby not to get his thumb in the way when taking photos.  Loved this photo of the two of us underwater.  My daughter gets upset when she sees this photo in that I am a lot more tanned than she is.  I brown up very easily in the sun and she tends to burn.  Poor thing has her father's skin
 photo Hawaii74.jpg 

Hubby having fun posing for the camera.  He had to wear a t-shirt because he burned his shoulders really badly a few days before playing pool volleyball.

  photo Hawaii77.jpg  

Guess who's visiting....Smiling Superman.

 photo Hawaii81.jpg

Oh how this child makes me laugh.  This is his version of holding on to our glasses while our daughter was taking underwater photos of hubby and I.

 photo Hawaii83.jpg

Best friends.  So blessed my kids get a long so well :)

 photo Hawaii84.jpg 

Must explain these next two photos. Kids wanted to act out a scene so they decided it was going to be a proposal scene.  Here my son is opening the ring box and proposing to my daughter.

 photo Hawaii85.jpg

And here is her answer LOL!

 photo Hawaii86.jpg

And last, a photo of the family pool looking over towards the serenity pool. Such an amazing resort!  

  photo Hawaii94.jpg

I can feel and smell Hawaii in these pictures LOL!  Such an amazing family vacation with many great memories for all of us.  We are so, so grateful to our friend who gave us such a good deal on her time share there!  If all goes well, we will return some day...hopefully sooner than later! 


Marianne said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Also had a look at your earlier pictures. We have lots of bougainvillea here on Crete, including our front and back garden, and in various colours. Many tourists stop to take a picture of the bougainvillea in our front garden LOL.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Oh, these pics made me smile!! I am glad you shared these more personal ones. Must check out your other Hawaii pics too. (Miss being there...)

Vicki Dutcher said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation photos over the last couple of days -- Looks like a great time was had by all!!

Tracey McNeely said...

Now Marisa these photos are so so fun, thank you again for sharing!

cm said...

I was hoping for a Part 3 - and you delivered with a WOW set of photos! My goodness, but the love you have for one another just fills me with joy! Awesome! Love those pools, the water, the kids (and your husband - he's a blast!) kibitzing about...happy sighh. Memories to treasure, my friend!! Hugs~c

nwilliams6 said...

What an adorable family - I can tell you all have a great sense of fun and humor. How lucky you all to have that. You look amazing too - if I looked like that in a bathing suit, I would wear one every day! You and your daughter look so much alike. Fun, fun, fun pictures - thanks for sharing these - I sure hope you are putting them in a scrapbook! Hugz!

JoAnn said...

Great family photos. So much fun. Love all of them.