Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Trish ever so graciously gave me this award.  You can visit her wonderfully named blog, Encourage Joy and leave her a little love.   The timing of receiving this award was perfect, as I didn't get a chance to get to Mercy's sketch yesterday - thanks, Trish :D

As a recipient of this award you are to list ten things that make you happy and pass it on to five other bloggers.  I am a cup half full type of person so keeping to ten things that make me happy could be hard LOL!  Let's see how I do...

1.  My wonderful family - immediate and extended.

2.  Where we live - great neighbourhood, school, and area.

3.  The beautiful nature that surrounds us here in British Columbia.
  • being able to see snow capped mountains and the ocean in the same view
  • the lovely green that remains all year round -- there is a positive side to all the rain we get LOL!
  • the cherry trees when they bloom in the Spring (just don't park under one of them or you'll have cherry blossom petals blowing out of your vents for weeks -- don't ask me how I know!)
  • the amazing landscaping and beauty of Butchart Gardens (Victoria, BC)
  • a cobweb dotted with dew
  • flowers as they bud and bloom in my garden
  • the changing leaves in the Fall 
  • A freshly fallen blanket of snow that glistens like millions of diamonds in the sunshine and outlines the branches of deciduous trees and the quiet the snow brings.
  • told you this would be hard for me....had to sneak a few extras under this answer ;o)  
4.  A purring cat in my lap.

5.  Seeing my kids grow up and succeed in their endeavors yet be young enough that they still love to snuggle with me.

6.  Spring, when everything starts to bud and bloom after a long winter, because it reminds me of how each and every day I have is a gift and an opportunity for new growth and new beginnings in my life.

7.  The unsolicited hugs and "I love you, Mommy" statements from my kids and being able to treasure these and other special moments in my heart.

8.  Playing sports and working out - though they have been neglected more than they should be! 

9.   Helping and encouraging others.

10. Making cards :D

I think I'm closer to twenty, and could probably keep going to fifty, but I still have to pass this award on to five others LOL!  The five ladies I have chosen to forward this award to are:

Maureen - who was my very first comment and continues to be a wonderful encouragement
Vicki - who's work inspires me
Kathy - who I've enjoyed getting to know a bit more recently
Kristina - who is the sweetest thing and whose work is amazing
Christine - who blesses me by sharing her life on her blog

Back next with Mercy's sketch card.  Have a great day :D


Kathy Jones said...

Oh Marisa, you are such a sweetheart!!! Thank you so much for the award - I'm going to have to think of a list!!! :)

Maureen said...

thanks, Marisa!! I will participate...perhaps on the weekend when I'm at the run :)

Kristina said...

Congratulations and Thanks! I think I'll start typing my response up right now to post sometime this weekend or next week when I don't have a card. :)

ChristineCreations said...

Aw Marisa you are so sweet! I look forward to doing this next week! Beautiful things you've written too!